The TV-WEB project brochure has been published

The project brochure summarizes the main results of the TV-WEB project and provides further relevant and interesting information to people interested in bridging the digital divide by DTT networks.

The brochure developed recently by the editorial board composed of Daniela Hauswirth (IITR), Michael Kriselj (OpenLab), Klara Süveges-Heilingbrunner (IVSZ), Tomaz Zadravec (INTK) and Rok Zurbi (University of Ljubljana) provides an introduction into the problem called digital divide, offers a potential solution for reducing it with the help of the so called internal digital dividend and summarizes the project's main results in an interesting way using inforgraphics. 

The brochure is divided into 6 chapters: 

  • Foreword
  • Introduction
  • Internal digital dividend serving in the reduction of the digital divide
  • The TV-WEB service: How, what and within what frameworks
  • Stakeholders
  • Introduction into the pilot presentations and summary of them 

To access the brochure please click here

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