WP2 Communication activities

The project consortium carries out coordinated communication activities, which will arouse stakeholders' and target groups' interest towards the project, its activities and results. Communication activities are based on the Communication plan, which has been elaborated at the beginning of the project execution and guides the partners in their local communication and dissemination activities. Although an initial plan was already prepared during preparation of the project, the in-depth execution plan has been developed in the first 2 months of the project and adapted to the local circumstances of the individual partners. The below available communication plan is and especially its annexes are lives documents meaning that they need to be reviewed and updated until the very end of the project.

The communication activities are supported by centrally developed communication materials like leaflets, electronic newsletter and a project brochure summarizing the project achievements in details (to be published at the end of the project).

Special emphasis will be devoted to the two international conferences of the project which intend to raise awareness of the stakeholders of the results of the project aiming at tackling the Digital Divide in the South East Europe region. 

A separate stakeholders' communication plan and awareness raising activity will be elaborated in connection with the pilot action that will target key stakeholders.


Expected deliverables Deliverables available for downloading Expected publication time
Communication plan Communication plan January 2013
First leaflet  First leaflet February 2013
Second leaflet Second leaflet November 2013
Project brochure Project brochure August 2014
Electronic Newsletters Please click here every 4 months
Tool and methodology for the pool of experts Pool of experts April 2013

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