WP6 Studies & guidelines

Work will focus on the elaboration of the tools (business case model and guidelines for its implementation) to enable decision-makers to take an informed choice about a proposed solution for overcoming the digital divide faced by the target group members.
SEE region has experienced many cases of not-well-thought attempts to introduce new solutions and new services in the market. Their lack of sustainability and acceptance on the market has often proved damaging for the service providers as well as their stakeholders (users, founders, banks ...) interests.


Expected deliverables Deliverables available for downloading Expected publication time
Study on user experience - based upon results from pilot presentations Study on user experience August 2014
Overall analysis of solutions, content and services   August 2014
Business case modelling report and guidelines for further development Business case modeling report and guidelines for further development September 2014
Guidelines for further development   September 2014

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