WP4 Increasing availability of content & services

The main task in increasing availability of the content and services is to analyse the content to be offered to the viewers and develop it for promotional activities. The capacity of the carousel is namely limited and the appropriate ratio between the content volume and the capacity of the DTT networks should be estimated.

In the frame of the WP special attention will be paid to the analysis of user behaviour/experience and specific needs of the target group as well as to the analysis of the content which would best fit to the user needs (e-government, e-health, e-learning, e-entertainment, e-media, ).

The editor responsibility background will be handled according to the new AVMS directive. Finally the adaptation of proposed internet services for "push" services will be worked out on the basis of analysis being performed regarding the content in WP4.


Expected deliverables Deliverables available for downloading Expected publication time
Analysis of behaviour and experience in rural areas and of people with disabilities and economically weak social groups Analysis of behaviour experience and services of interest May 2013
Analysis of what services can be of interest to the targeted audience August 2013
Guidelines on how establish an editorial responsibility mechanism Guidelines on how to establish editorial responsibility mechanism July 2013
Technical guidelines of adaptation of internet services to be consumed on the TV media Technical guidelines for TV-WEB pilot implementation February 2014
Implementation of the pilot - Content & Services part   December 2013

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