WP3 Increasing accessibility

Access to Internet is not equally distributed through the world. The gap between people with Internet access and those without it divides the society and slowed down the economic development. Access to the network depends on the development of the ICT (Information Communication Technology) in respected countries. In addition, the access to computers is also very important factor in diminishing the digital divide.

The WP addresses both aspects of accessibility (access to IT networks and access to computers). In order to increase the accessibility the project foresees different activities like a regional comparative analysis covering availability of frequencies, penetration of internet in rural areas, use of technologies and equipment (network and user), legal framework, social demography. Based on the results of the analysis a technical study will be elaborated determining potential solutions.

The partnership will also develop the necessary legal and economic framework and finally an end-to-end network adaptation proposal and implementation of the pilot solution for increasing accessibility in rural areas is foreseen. 


Expected deliverables Deliverables available for downloading Expected publication time
Regional comparative analysis Regional comparative analysis March 2013
Technical guidelines for adopting the internet content to be broadcasted Technical guidelines May 2013
Technical guidelines of the middleware interoperability May 2013
Guidelines for adopting the legal and economic framework Legal and economic framework adoptation guideline September 2013
Technical guidelines for End-to-end network adaptation Technical guidelines for TV-WEB pilot implementation February 2014
Implementation of the pilot - accessibility part   December 2013

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