Day 0. (12 November 2014)

15.00-18.00 Pre-conference visit at Antenna Hungaria

On 12th November IVSZ is organising a visit to Antenna Hungaria (1119 Budapest, Petzvál József u. 31-33.) where participants will have the chance to learn more on the activities of Antenna Hungaria (DTT provider of Hungary) which will be followed by a discussion on DTT network plans of AH in Hungary, business models and the viability of such a TV-WEB service/system.

Please note that there are no more free places available for the Antenna Hungaria visit on Day 0.


Conference day (13 November 2014)

8.30-9.00         Registration

9.00-9.30         Welcome/protocol

Ms. Dunja Mijatović, OSCE

Dr. Erzsébet Bánkuti, Antenna Hungária – IVSZ telco division

Mr. Rok Žurbi, University of Ljubljana (Lead partner of TV-WEB)


9.30-10.45       First session – eInclusion/eSkills with special focus on the target group of TV-WEB/digital divide

Keynote speech: Mr. Gábor Mátrai, BellResearch (Hungary)

Moderator: Ms. Asja Rokša – Zubčević, The Communications Regulatory Agency of Bosnia and Herzegovina


  • Mr. Gábor Mátrai, BellResearch (Hungary)
  • Mr. Paul-Andre Baran, Digital Champion of Romania
  • Ms. Vesna Dolničar, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Ljubljana
  • Mr. László Papp, Gartner Hungary

10.45-11.15     Coffee break

11.45-13.00     Second session –TV-WEB services value chain: discussion with actors of the value chain: regulator, content provider, network provider, device manufacturer

Keynote presentation and Moderator: Mr. Mihael Krišelj, OpenLab Institute (Slovenia)


  • Mr. Viktor Rados, AMC Networks International - Central Europe (Hungary)
  • Mr. Henrik Schneider, Antenna Hungaria (Hungary)
  • Mr. János Szöllősi, Samsung Electronics Hungary (Hungary)
  • Ms. Jadranka Vojvodic, Agency for Electronic Media (Montenegro)
  • Mr. Frank Domagoj, HP Produkcija (Croatia)

13.00-14.00     Lunch

14.00-17.00     Parallel sessions

  • Pool of experts: technical session: deployment challenges: standardisation, hardware issues etc.
  • Open networking session: Cooperation for solving the digital divide (H2020, Danube Programme, Adriatic-Ionian, CE)
    • Ms. Edina Németh, H2020 ICT NCP, National Innovation Office (Hungary)
    • Ms. Roberta Calcina and Mr. Eloy Gomez Giron, Joint Technical Secretariat of the SEE Programme, Széchenyi Programiroda (Hungary)
    • Mr. Béla Hegyesi, Danube Programme and Central Europe Programme, Office for National Economic Planning (Hungary)

19.00-              Gala dinner

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