Communication material

Communication materials are developed in order to support the communication, dissemination and awareness creation activities of the project partners in connection with the SEE TV-WEB project. The different materials that will be developed during the project will inform professional and also general public on the activities and results of the project and will be translated into the languages of the partners in order to ensure wide accessibility of the information provided.

The project leaflets' main aim is to provide a quick overview on the project, its activities and achieved results while the project brochure is elaborated for those interested parties that are interested in more details in the achievements of the project.

Last but not least the electronic newsletters will be released on regular basis which intend to provide the interested stakeholders from time to time with up-to-date information on the project's activities and achievements.

The below available communication plan describes the communication strategy of the project and provides an overall guideline to the partners for planning and executing the national communication activities which are continuously planned, executed, reviewed and updated by each partner of the SEE TV-WEB consortium.


Communication plan is available  here.

First leaflet is available here

Roll-up is available here

Second leaflet is available here

Project brochure is available here

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