Project presentation

The aim of the TV-WEB project is to deliver Internet content to those who do not usually use  Internet services and who have no broadband connection.

The idea is to use the free digital terrestrial television (DTT) broadcasting frequency spectrum capacities for transmitting selected Internet content (such as news, e-services etc.) and ensure a sort of Internet experience via TV devices to certain less advantaged segments of the population, or those in rural areas without broadband access.

The concept of the project differs from the services provided by technologies such  as connected and Smart TV where  the Internet experience is ensured by connecting the TV to the Internet.. Instead, the SEE TV-WEB project foresees delivery of Internet content to the homes solely using the DTT spectrum.



The SEE TV-WEB project aims to foster accessibility and availability of Internet content - at least providing a minimal internet experience - to vulnerable groups such as the elderly, economically weak and all those who have no access to internet services due to lack of access (rural) or limited computer/internet literacy.

In the long term, the project will represent a very important contribution towards solving the issues of Digital Divide and social inclusion and thus will contribute to the creation of a region of equal opportunities.

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