Project objectives

The main objective of this strategic project is to tackle the Digital Divide by delivering Internet content over digital TV signal and offering this way at least a minimal internet experience to vulnerable groups such as elderly, persons who have limited access to Internet services due to lack of access (rural) or limited computer/internet literacy.

The main objective will be achieved through addressing topics related to the Digital Divide from the perspective of Accessibility, Availability, Utilization, Awareness and Sustainability, therefore following specific objectives are essential for the project:

Increasing the Accessibility of services

Increasing the accessibility of services by performing analysis and implementation of potential technical solutions based on Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) networks. DTT networks (apart from satellite signal distribution) are namely considered to offer the most efficient way to cover rural areas, whereas by the completion of Analogue to Digital Switchover process this technology platform is not so limited by the scarcity of the radio spectrum;

Increasing the Availability of services

Increasing the availability of services by performing analysis and implementing ''push'' based internet services, in order to offer internet user experience to all those groups who don't have access because of limitations such as Digital Divide. The focus will be based on already existing public services such as e-government, e-health, e-learning, e-entertainment, e-media and others which will be accessed through commonly used TV sets, Set-Top-Boxes or USB receivers and navigated through a simple TV remote;

Enabling the Utilization of new and prosperous business concepts

Enabling the utilization of new and prosperous business concepts by adapting the regulatory framework allowing to grant licenses for the network operators and content providers/aggregators in case of non-television services, since this will allow them to use the spectrum released by the Analogue to Digital Switchover process and free capacity on existing television multiplexes and foster the implementation of additional services;

Increasing Awareness

Increasing awareness by promoting the solution(s) and services on the basis of concrete actions, such as pilot presentations and other supporting activities, with a goal to familiarise with & mobilise the stakeholders towards the prospects of new solutions, content and services;

Assuring Sustainability

Assuring sustainability by analysing the outcome of executed awareness activities and preparing the guidelines, studies, tools and concrete business case modelling, which shall all be supported by the expert capacity.

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